On-Demand Webinar: Fitness for Duty – Examinations and Other Medical Inquiries Done Right


Product Short Description: This training includes an overview of your ADA/FEHA compliance obligations and then moves into how to obtain medical clarification from doctors. It also walks you through the best way to conduct a third-party Fitness for Duty (FFD) examination for an employee.

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Clear medical information – some may call it a paradoxical phrase. Obtaining current, specific and relevant medical information on an employee is the foundation to making sound Reasonable Accommodations decisions. “Door #1” of the Disability Interactive Process HallwayTM, this webinar will help you understand how to get the best, most clear information so you can feel confident as you move through interactive process discussions.

In addition to tips on how to obtain clear medical work restrictions, the training will go through how to evaluate if work restrictions may or may not impact the Essential Functions Performance of an employee’s job. Learn about the benefits of a well-developed Essential Functions Job Analysis (EFJA), and how it can be used in multiple steps of the interactive process.