On-Demand Webinar: When Discipline and Disability Collide


Understand how to coordinate the Disability Interactive Process HallwayTM when there are concurrent performance and/or disciplinary issues. The training offers strategies and tips on how to manage the all too common issue of when disabilities and discipline issues are present for an employee.

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Things get tricky when performance may or may not be impacted by a perceived or actual disability. And, most employers are unfortunately familiar with employee cases where questions of disability arise toward the end of a disciplinary process. Where to start? Legal issues surrounding both discipline and disability abound. And, it’s important to understand how the two can be intertwined legally.

This training will help you navigate these issues and assist you to getting to the same goal of both the Disability Interactive Process and Progressive Discipline – for an employee’s performance standards to be met. Learn how to manage these especially tough cases and about specific solutions on how to proceed down the Disability Interactive Process HallwayTM in these unique cases.