Shaw HR Consulting Announces New COVID-19 Disability Compliance Programming

Shaw Participates in CalGovHR COVID-19 Educational Series 
March 26, 2020
Shaw HRC COVID-19 Disability Compliance Materials Are Ready for Download
June 29, 2020

Shaw HR Consulting Announces New COVID-19 Disability Compliance Programming

Materials Will be Offered for Free

Program Assists with:
  • Managing Requests to Work from Home When Employers Are Asking Employees to Return to the Workplace; and
  • Disability-Related COVID-19 Requests for Leave

Shaw HR Consulting is excited to announce that it has developed a new COVID-19 Disability Compliance Program.  The program will be offered for free on the Shaw HRC website.  Program materials have been created to help employers manage accommodation requests during the COVID-19 pandemic related to disability such as requests to work from home at a time when organizations are asking employees to return to the workplace or requests for leave related to COVID-19.  The program utilizes the CDC as a guidepost for evaluating “at increased risk” individuals.

The Shaw HR Consulting COVID-19 Disability Compliance Program includes:

  • General Guidelines
  • Video Training on the Materials
  • Sample Scripts
  • Template Letters and Forms
  • Flowchart

The Program is designed to offer employers an ADA compliant framework to manage work from home requests during this unprecedented time.  As with all compliant programs, a consistent process is key to ensure your good faith efforts are documented.  Shaw is happy to provide its clients with this process, as we work together as an HR community to continue doing good work.

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