By Rachel


The Disability Interactive Process Hallway™

No two employees are alike however, Principal Rachel Shaw has devised a framework – the Disability Interactive Process Hallway – for working through each case in a consistent, organized manner to assist employers in making the best decisions they can when it comes to their employees.

The Disability Interactive Process Hallway clearly guides human resource professionals, step-by-step, and leads organizations in determining the right decisions for temporary restrictions, permanent restrictions, and leave needs. It walks employers through how to collect crucial data needed not only to make these decisions, but also to protect organizations should litigation arise. An efficient and effective tool, the Disability Interactive Process Hallway takes the guesswork and headaches out of determining reasonable accommodations, if any.

The Disability Interactive Process Hallway is employed in Shaw HRC’s day-to-day consulting practices. It is also integrated into ADA Compliance training topics – from leave management and unique disability compliance issues such as fragrance and mental disabilities, to discipline issues and fraudulent claims.

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