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Disability Compliance Policy Development & Review

Whether your company needs a review of an existing disability compliance policy to ensure it is up to date with changing disability laws, or needs to create new policy, the consultants at Shaw HRC will work with your organization to create policy that is not only legally compliant, but also aligned to the particular needs of your organization. Policy development is more than creating a written document. A successful policy is one that integrates with existing procedures and communication lines to create an efficient and understood process. This often includes training for managers, front line supervisors and employees to ensure smooth implementation. Our consultants can also support change implementation by performing hands-on support during implementation.

Program Development and Implementation

Our consultants have experience developing a wide variety of programs including comprehensive Disability Compliance Programs encompassing everything an organization may face from short-term through long-term interactive process needs. Programming can include all facets from drafting company policies through implementation protocols and even scripts and forms for employers to ensure the consistent practice of programs.

Our team has also established specific programs within an organization’s larger Disability Compliance Program including Early Return-to-Work or Leave Management programs.