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Third-Party Workplace Investigations

To enforce rules against harassment, retaliation, and other misconduct, an employer must first determine what happened.  How do you ensure your organization swiftly and fairly investigates and acts on allegations?  Use a Shaw HR Consulting Investigator to find the facts for you.  Our investigators are licensed attorneys and have been involved with hundreds of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and other misconduct investigations.

Why Use an Outside Investigator?

  1. Credibility. Shaw HR Consulting investigators have a singular goal – to obtain facts and report those facts to you.   Completely impartial, with no role in discipline in the process, and without any vested interest in your organization, our investigators are truly neutral with nothing to gain or lose.  Seen as a third-party and objective by participants makes them more comfortable in the process, and likely to report truthful information.
  2. Privilege. Using a third-party investigator enables an organization to preserve attorney-client privilege if litigation arises.  With no conflicts in terms of representation, Shaw HR Consulting investigators are prepared for the eventuality of deposition or trial testimony.

Shaw HR Consulting Investigations Experience

Shaw HR Consulting investigators are highly experienced and pride themselves on conducting timely, fair and efficient interviews, and research and analyses of complaints. Their experience includes investigations in claims of:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Misconduct related to theft/embezzlement, drug or alcohol use, workplace violence, policy/rules violations
  • Safety Investigations (Fire/Peace Officer)