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FEHA/ADA Disability Interactive Process Coordination and Facilitation

We provide public and private sector employers with comprehensive management of their disability compliance obligations. Our consultants can manage all or part of the Interactive Process to support employers to make sound reasonable accommodation decisions. Our consultants can contact employees requesting or requiring accommodation, obtain needed medical information, or develop an Essential Functions Position Analysis (EFPA) – if needed. Finally, they can coordinate and then facilitate the good faith interactive process meeting to support clients to make decisions on what accommodations may be reasonable to implement.

We utilize the company’s trademarked Disability Interactive Process Hallway®, a thorough and practiced methodology that leads to employers feeling confident in their interactive process decisions. Our consultants are Human Resource professionals who not only understand Risk Management and California and federal Disability Laws, but also understand how all of these laws and regulations must integrate with your existing personnel rules, collective bargaining agreements and labor relations goals.