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Essential Functions Position Analysis® (EFPA®)

Essential Functions Position Analysis (EFPA) provide an objective basis for hiring, evaluating, training, accommodating and supervising persons with disabilities, as well as improving the efficiency of an organization. A straight-forward document, an EFPA provides the following: 1) core purpose for the position, 2) essential functions which are critical or fundamental to the successful performance of the position, 3) work environment and conditions where the essential functions are performed, 4) listing of skills and abilities an individual must possess to perform the essential functions, and 5) the mental and emotional demands required to successfully perform the essential functions.

An EFPA is a critical tool to use when determining if or how a candidate’s or employee’s work restrictions may impact the traditional physical/mental/emotional demands of the position. It assists the parties in determining where reasonable accommodation discussions need to begin.

Our EFPA Team

Shaw HRC’s EFPA team has produced thousands of EFPA documents. Each EFPA is created with the company’s 360-degree process. This includes interviews of managers and peers in order to develop the most comprehensive and accurate account of a job classification’s essential functions possible. Our EFPA team is the most experienced in the industry when it comes to the creation of a superior document that can be used in real life applications throughout the interactive process from medical clarification to face-to-face meetings between employers and employees.

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