“The Disabled Workforce,” By Rachel Shaw Receives High Praise from Kirkus Reviews

Article by Rachel in HR News Magazine on Obtaining Clear Medical Information
July 24, 2017
Shaw Wins Silver Medal for Debut Book “The Disabled Workforce”
October 31, 2017

Rave reviews of the new book by Rachel Shaw, “The Disabled Workforce: What the ADA Never Anticipated” continue to roll in. The book focuses on how to navigate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAA or ADA) as well as state laws as they relate to the disability interactive process. Kirkus Reviews recently reviewed the book. Excerpts from the review include:

“Shaw’s smart, comprehensive … systematic analysis and playbook for employers who might face overstated or false disability claims.”


“Shaw effectively takes readers through different situations that employers may encounter, including dealing with especially litigious claimants and outright malingerers; her writings on mental disabilities, in particular, will likely be very useful.”


“Shaw’s prose is clear and encouraging throughout, and she adroitly manages a tricky balancing act between skepticism and advocacy [running] through the kinds of accommodations that employers are legally obligated to provide under the ADA and what may or may not constitute “reasonable accommodations.”


“[Shaw is] both a champion of the disabled and a mentor for businesspeople looking to avoid fraudsters.”


“An invaluable guidebook to disability law for American employers.”

 To read the full review go to Kirkus Reviews.

Rachel is a renown speaker and appears throughout the year at a number of conferences and public trainings. “The Disabled Workforce: What the ADA Never Anticipated,” by Rachel Shaw can be purchased at Amazon.

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