Let Shaw HRC Help

Are you wondering how you are going to continue performing your timely Disability Compliance work?

We can help.

We understand many of you have closed your offices, some of you are working remotely and many with limited resources.  Shaw HR Consulting is here and open for business.

How we can help

Let Us Be Your Office

  • We can print and mail letters for you as needed
  • We can take incoming calls/questions from employees to support you to maintain your workload

File Management

  • We can take over files as needed including letter writing, obtain medical clarification, draft return to work or light duty agreements
  • We can make contact with employees for you
  • We can contact and obtain needed information from doctors

Over the next few weeks and possibly months, there will be employees who will be medically released and need to come off unpaid leave and critical services employees who will be ready to return to work.  Employees will likely be seeking answers to questions.  How can we help you manage what you need to get done?

Finally, please know we are here as peers and available to “just talk it through” and strategize a file or how you internally manage your program during these challenging times.

We are here, let us know how we can help!

All our best to you and your loved ones.