Shaw’s Book Wins Accolades from Reader Views

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April 11, 2018
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April 27, 2018

“The Disabled Workforce: What the ADA Never Anticipated,” by Rachel Shaw continues to collect favorable reviews.  Most recently, a review was published by Reader Views.  The debut book by Shaw outlines how to implement her signature Disability Interactive Process HallwayTM, which gives employers a straightforward process to employ compliant disability programming in their organization.

Excerpts from the Reader Views review include:

“… a book [that] should be read and reread”

“She shows how important it is to keep our companies compliant by following both the letter and spirit of the ADA.”

“I recommend this book to both HR professionals who struggle with finding ways to comply with the ADA, and with organizational leaders who are interested in exactly what the ADA is and how impacts them and their team.”

“A practical book … a fascinating read.”

Reader Views’ reviewers includes a team of private, independent reviewers that are in no way affiliated with Reader Views other than providing reviews.  They are not paid to provide reviews.  Reader Views reviews have appeared on, and in the media such as USA Today, Reuters, Fox News, Fox Business and NBC.

The Disabled Workforce has received a number of starred reviews and accolades including a Silver Award at the 2017 North American Book Awards, as well as being named a finalist in both the 2017 Best Book Awards and 2017 Indies Book Awards.

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards gives The Disabled Workplace top marks, citing the case studies in the book as “thought-provoking and complex” and sample documents as “very useful.”

“Shaw’s smart, comprehensive … both a champion of the disabled and a mentor for businesspeoplelooking to avoid fraudsters.”- Kirkus Reviews

“With the inclusion of helpful management techniques and real-life stories from her own experiences, Rachel Shaw has created an invaluable resource for employers and disabled employees alike…. Many aspects [of the ADA Interactive Process] that previously may have been gray areas for employers have been laid out in a clear, precise manner.”- Authors Talk About It

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