When Can We Manage Leave Again?

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When Can We Manage Leave Again? 

Developing Your ADA Leave Management Program in an (Almost) Post-Pandemic America

Rachel Shaw, MBA, President, Principal Consultant, Shaw HR Consulting

@Work Magazine, March 2022

In 2020, when many employers sent employees home in droves to work remotely, leave numbers were at record lows. Today, leave requests are increasing to pre-COVID levels. Employers are also seeing an increase in the number of job accommodation requests as organizations announce plans to return employees to office environments. And with a tumultuous start to 2022, employers are preparing for sustained high levels of leave — due to different COVID variants and a potential for more Americans to identify as disabled.1

While your organization may still be in survival mode dealing with COVID-related absences, it is time to start thinking about implementing a strategic leave management plan to ensure the organization can accommodate absences and ensure success. Understanding key components of this type of plan is vital.

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