Adding Transparency with the Interactive Process

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June 5, 2018
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Aiming for Transparency with the Disability Interactive Process

In a recent article in HR West Magazine, Rachel discusses how building a transparent interactive process foster trustworthiness between employer and employee.

Disability compliance work is hard.  To do it well you must be knowledgeable, skilled, disciplined and remain open and
compassionate.  Building a transparent disability compliance program within your organization is not only key to creating solid relationships between employees and employers, but is also important when legal issues arise.   With the latter, all too often, not enough has been said between the parties in an open forum or formal process — and, too much goes undocumented.

A successful disability compliance program is strategically developed and staffed, consistently applied and appropriately documented for maximum transparency for all parties involved.  Simply put transparency = communication.  A transparent interactive process means no one should be surprised by the outcome reached. It means all parties understand what the next step is – and the step after that.

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