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Essential Functions Job Analysis documents capture the physical, mental and emotional demands of a position.

Use it to evaluate medical work restrictions in Workers’ Compensation claims and throughout the Disability Interactive Process

Created for an entire job classification not an individual employee, an EFPA document can be used for hiring, evaluating, training, accommodating and supervising persons with disabilities.

From medical clarification to face-to-face meetings between employers and employees, our EFPA document includes an easy-to-use summary of the functions of a specific job including:

  1. Core purpose for the position
  2. Essential functions critical or fundamental to the successful performance of the position
  3. Work environment and conditions where the essential functions are performed
  4. Listing of skills and abilities an individual must possess to perform the essential functions
  5. Mental and emotional demands required to successfully perform the essential functions supervising persons with disabilities
EFPA documents are critical in determining where reasonable accommodation discussions need to begin. This includes discussions and clarification with physicians and employers. They become a lasting resource you will use again and again.


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