Managing Leave During a Pandemic

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September 20, 2021
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October 16, 2021

Managing Leave During a Pandemic

By Angel Ho

@Work Magazine

Many employers have reported that 2020 saw the lowest leave levels in decades.  Some hypothesize this is because there was very little travel allowed.  Others believe that U.S. workers may not have taken less leave, just reported it less, e.g., an employee working from home may not have had to report it as it was not “seen” by supervisors.  No matter the reason, all would agree 2020 was an anomaly of a year, and it is highly unlikely the need for leave management will go by the wayside post-pandemic.

While many employers are considering making permanent changes regarding working remotely and hybrid work environments, most employers should prepare for pre-pandemic leave levels to resurface.  How then, should HR Departments manage leave as the world is coming out of a pandemic?

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